JURNAL INTERNASIONAL : Management of agricultural land to support sustainable agriculture in North Sumatra


Indonesia is an agricultural country with an abundant natural wealth of agricultural products. Moreover, it stays in a strategic geographical position, located in the tropical climate, and having high rainfall. Competent agricultural enterprise management can help in adapting to the ever-changing human needs. It can also maintain and even improve the quality of the environment. To maximize natural resource management, land management is a necessity. Land management is affected by several factors, namely society and its activities such as factory operations and activities. As society continues to develop, many lands have been misused. One of them is the conversion of agricultural lands into residential or infrastructural lands. The problem in this study is the management of agricultural land to support sustainable agriculture in North Sumatra. This research uses a normative juridical method through literature studies of laws and regulations on agriculture and spatial planning. The results show that the existence of unproductive agricultural lands and paddy land conversion to residential dwelling can be detrimental to farmers. In conclusion, agricultural land governance is needed to support sustainable agriculture in North Sumatra. The research suggests a need for regulations regarding the management of agricultural land in North Sumatra to realize sustainable agriculture.


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